Science Quiz Bowl Buzzer System #4059

Your gift will allow Schoo to purchase a two-team buzzer system, similar to what is used at the Nebraska State Quiz Bowl Competition. Our students will practice with this buzzer system. Our team practices once a week during the fall and winter. We have had a science quiz bowl team at Schoo for six years, and at this time our school does not have one of these systems to use during practice. During competitions, students answer questions using a quiz bowl buzzer system. Having a buzzer system will allow our students to gain confidence in answering questions quickly, and will give them the chance to properly practice competing against each other and other LPS schools.
Last year, our science quiz bowl team participated at the state level in the Nebraska Science Bowl, and did well. Our returning members are excited for what this next school year could bring, and our graduating members are planning on joining the quiz bowls teams at their respective high schools. Over the course of the year, our students have gained confidence in understanding complex science topics, and have determined topics of science that interest them. Thank you for your support!

Deadline: 10/1/2017

Contact Information
Name: Jessica Wehner
Title: Science Teacher
School: Schoo Middle School
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $341
Budget Details: Requesting $299 plus cost reimbursement to purchase an 8-Player "Traditional" Quiz Bowl Buzzer System for the Science Bowl Team at Schoo Middle School. Players compete by pressing the button on their tabletop player box -- the system sounds and the light on the first player's box lights. All other players are locked out. Lights on the player boxes are easily seen by all participants. Item found at the following link:
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