North Star's Cultural Diversity #4065

We would like to recognize the diversity of our students and help all students feel connected with their school community. In an effort to do so, we would like to put on a cultural fair for students and staff to learn about the various cultures and languages represented at our school. One item we would like to offer students is a shirt that represents everyone in our school. T-shirts like this can be expensive, and so many of our students are unable to purchase them. We would like to be able to subsidize the cost of the shirts as well as pay for supplies that students will need to put on the cultural fair -- such as trifold boards, art supplies, printing services, etc.

Deadline: 8/1/2017

Contact Information
Name: Becky Ives
Title: ELL Teacher
School: North Star High School
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $912
Budget Details: Requesting $800 to celebrate diverse cultures at North Star High School.
Discipline Area(s):
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 2%

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