Field Trip to a Recording Studio #4115

This field trip is for the students of two different classes at East High School: Guitar II (advanced guitar) and Music Technology. We will travel to a local recording studio. All students will be exposed to the learning experience of the recording process in a professional studio. The Guitar II students will perform and be recorded, while the Music Technology students will be working directly with Tim Kechley -- recording technician -- to help set up the equipment and computer software. Tim Kechley has taught online courses and college courses on the recording process, so he has a background in educating students in this area.

There will be 25 students overall -- 11 Guitar II students and 14 Music Technology students. The guitar students continue to work hard preparing music for this field trip. The Music Technology students have already learned some basic aspects of recording through class, but the equipment we have access to in our building is limited. We have a departmental account we can use to help fund this event, but because this is not a typical part of this account's budget, I am seeking external funding.

After the trip, students in both classes will reflect upon the things they learned while at the studio, and I will implement elements of things learned at the studio in future lessons. Also, with the pictures I will take and the music recorded, I will have some artifacts collected for future use. If this event is as meaningful as I hope, I will attempt to make this field trip happen every semester.

Deadline: 5/20/2017

Contact Information
Name: Paul Kenney
Title: Assistant Band Director
School: East High School
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $319
Budget Details: Requesting $280 plus cost reimbursement to take East music students to learn about recording studios.
Discipline Area(s):
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 0%

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