Belmont Elementary has been invited to Lincoln Southwest High School for their spring performance of “Mary Poppins.” Your gift will pay for the bus expenses incurred in taking approximately 530 students and staff to the performance. Belmont is in a high poverty area with 79% of our students receiving free or reduced lunches. Our school parent group is a very small group of about three adults. The group does not have the resources to fund this journey.

Belmont student families typically do not have the money to take their children to theater arts events. This experience will be an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate and teach their students proper etiquette and behavior in a theater setting. This is also an excellent opportunity for the Belmont students to enjoy a musical performance.

Deadline: 3/1/2017

Contact Information
Name: Sy Settell
Title: Instructional Coach
School: Belmont Elementary
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $1710
Budget Details: Requesting $1,500 for the transportation of Belmont students and staff to Lincoln Southwest High School.
Discipline Area(s):
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 72%

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