Outfitting the Civil War #4071

The Civil War is coming to Lefler! All 220 eighth grade students at Lefler are participating in this Civil War research project. Students are researching a high-interest topic, writing a script to tell the story of their topic, painting a mural as a backdrop and creating props to illustrate their story. All of this culminates on March 30 when the Lefler cafeteria, halls and gyms will be transformed into battlefields, field hospitals, meeting halls for ladies aid groups, cemeteries, draft offices and military forts.

This project brings out the talents of all of our students -- students who have a flair for drama enjoy the acting, kids who enjoy books thrive in the research element, students who are artists get to use their talent creating murals and props. It really is a great way to see all of our students shine. All students are required to wear a simple costume and I would like to have more costumes available for students whose parents cannot help them create one. My plan is to find clothes at thrift stores and turn them into Civil War Era clothing. For example, I can buy a men's suit coat in blue or gray and with new gold buttons, some gold or red brocade, the blue or gray suit coat is transformed into an officer's jacket.

When we started this project, we asked for parent help with providing fabric to make skirts and aprons for female costumes. Parents have been generous with their donations of fabric and their offers to help sew skirts and aprons. To create these additional costumes, students can come in after school and help with the hand sewing of buttons and brocade, making students even more invested in the project. The success of the project will be demonstrated March 30 when students dress up and perform their skits for parents and guardians, but it will also be seen along the way as they "buy in" to this exciting research project.

Deadline: 4/15/2017

Contact Information
Name: Becky Boswell
Title: Teacher
School: Lefler Middle School
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $342
Budget Details: Requesting $300 plus cost reimbursement to purchase men's shirts, suit coats and pants at thrift stores, as well as buttons, brocade and other embellishments, velcro, thread and needles at fabric stores.
Discipline Area(s):
Social Studies
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 100%