Let them bounce: Stability Balls - 4th Grade #4081

Ever feel like you were not able to sit still any longer? Imagine what a 9-year0old feels like sitting still in a chair for seven hours a day. Exercise balls provide students the chance to get their wiggles out, stay alert, and awake! When your body's engaged, your brain's engaged!

I am at a Title I school that has around 300 amazing students. About 80 percent of my students are on free and reduced lunch. My school is very diverse with about 10 different nationalities represented.

My students need 28 exercise balls to get the wiggles out, stay alert, and stay awake. We will not have any chairs in the classroom! I will also sit on an exercise ball. Exercise balls help students be alert and allow students to move. After piloting this idea in my current classroom with the school set of stability balls, I would like to have my own personal set. I have seen that the use of these stability balls make my students' bodies and brains more engaged. Students do become more alert members in their class.

Deadline: 8/1/2017

Contact Information
Name: Mackenzie Wylie
Title: 4th Grade Teacher
School: Saratoga Elementary
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $760
Budget Details: Requesting $667 plus cost reimbursement to purchase 28 youth and one adult balance balls.
Discipline Area(s):
Social Studies
Health/Physical Education
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 5%

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