East High Little Free Libraries Project #4145

In an effort to support literacy and a love of reading, East High students and staff will research Lincoln's high-density/low-income neighborhoods and begin building bridges with those neighborhoods as we set out to build Little Free Libraries for them. Our goal this year is to establish and support one Little Free Library, and provide 200 new books for the library, with plans of adding two or three more Little Free Libraries in the near future.

Fund-a-Need contributions will pay for building materials (Little Free Libraries cost between $200 and $400, depending on materials and design), books (each library will be supplied with 200 books, 40 of which will be available in the structure at any time), food for public events, and money for the creation of promotional materials. Students will be involved in all stages of the project -- researching poverty and local populations, building the structures, beautifying the structure, interviewing elementary students within the neighborhoods, selecting the books, and providing brochures, food and entertainment in the neighborhoods as we work with them.

We are excited to learn more about our city and its people and to work with neighborhoods to help spread the joy and importance of reading. We're also excited about the many ways that our students and staff will grow from this community experience. Throughout the project, East also will work with and receive support from the Lincoln Community Foundation, local Rotary clubs, the Lincoln City Libraries, area neighborhood associations, and Prosper Lincoln.

According to local resources, a Little Free Library costs about $1,000, including costs of the building materials as well as the cost of 200 new books (the recommended amount of books to supply the library in the beginning). In addition, there will be expenditures for brochures, possible advertising, educational materials and, finally, stickers that we will place inside each book (the stickers will include "how to" information on the LFL, and will be written in the languages spoken in that particular neighborhood).

Deadline: 1/1/2018

Contact Information
Name: Jane Holt
Title: School Librarian
School: East High School
E-Mail Address:

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $2850
Budget Details: We are seeking $2,500 with the intent of building three or four Little Free Libraries in the next two school years. We will also seek additional funds, as needed, from other sources.
Discipline Area(s):
Special Needs
Social Studies
Industrial Technology
Family/Consumer Science
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 47%

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